Casing and Cementing

We supplies high quality and related accessories of all types and varieties of the casing and cementing tools from our trusted manufacturer. We are offering five distinct classes of centralizers in hinged and slip-on designs, as well as stop collars, wire scratches, and other accessories which enable to cater our customer requirements at a competitive price. We can supply the following but not limited to:

  • Positive Rigid Welded Centralizers
  • Welded Standard Bow Centralizers
  • Slop-On Welded Close Tolerance Centralizers
  • Welded Imperial and Dual Contact Bow Centralizers
  • Hinged Non-Welded Bow Centralizers
  • Chemical Moulded Centralizer
  • Stop Collars
  • Cable Wipers
  • Cement Basket
  • Float Collars
  • Float Shoes
  • Cementing Plugs